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Mibet Stacked Battery Pack Single/Three Phase KY-51V105AH-S/T

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  • Stackable installation,can be operated by one person.
  • It can be expanded according to the matching inverter and actual usage,stacked by 2~6 battery packs.


  • Real-time monitoring of cell voltage, current and temperature,three-levelfault warning and multiple hardware and software protections.
  • The contactor switch is used inside, and the switch isreliable; the over-discharge system is automatically powered off to reduce its own loss.


  • Integrated BMS management inside the batterypack, no need for a separate master.
  • High-precision sampling devices, combined with avariety of SOC algorithms.

Rated Voltage 51.2V Rated Capacity 105Ah
Number of cell strings 16 Battery cell Li-ion(LFP)
Discharge Depth 90% Max. Current 50A
Storage Temperature -20~45℃ Altitude <2000m

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