solar panels balcony

Application Scenario

The balcony solar system is a mini solar power solution that can be installed on balconies. It uses plug-in modules that simply connect to an electrical outlet to feed extra electricity into the home's grid. These balcony PV systems can be installed on balconies, patios, in gardens, or on garage roofs. With a sleek, aesthetic design, the systems can be set up by 1-2 people, making balcony solar a new promising application for residential PV.

Balcony Mounting System

Product Advantages

1. Customized Home Power: Provides tailored electricity solutions for single-family homes, allowing you to connect to the grid and reduce daily energy costs.

2. High Cost-Effectiveness: Diverse, easy installation options for different needs and environments - choose the right system for your space.

3. Convenient Monitoring: Track your PV system's power generation, household consumption, and grid usage easily via mobile device or computer.

4. Complete Customizable Systems: Mibet offers fully integrated solutions from mounting to inverters to storage based on your needs - "tailor-made" for optimal economy.

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