Metal Roof

Metal Tile Solar Roofing

Application Scenario

Mibet's provides solar solutions for different types of metal roofs. The system consists of components like clamps, mounting structures, and solar modules. It is often installed in a non-invasive way that retains the waterproofing properties of the roof while extending its lifespan. Mibet's systems are frequently applied to large industrial and commercial buildings to enable low-carbon development for companies and reduce their electricity load.

Metal Tile Roof Solar Panels and Racking

Product Advantages

1. Customized Solutions: Mibet designs tailored solar PV systems for different metal roof types. This maximizes roof space utilization without requiring any additional area. Sunlight is converted into usable energy right from the roof to power factories and businesses.

2. Reinforced Structure: The solar system is securely installed using clamps, rails and mounting structures designed to withstand heavy winds and rain erosion. This strengthens the roof structure and extends its lifespan.

3. Enhanced Returns: Large enterprises and industrial/commercial buildings with metal roofs can generate solar power to earn returns and lower electricity costs. This increases green energy usage for companies.

4. Cost-effective Aesthetics: These solutions allow building owners to adopt solar PV without affecting architectural integrity or aesthetics. Installation and maintenance is relatively quick and convenient, saving labor and material costs.

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