Agricultural Farmland

Agricultural Farm Solar System

Product Advantages

The farm PV system involves installing high-performance solar collectors on agricultural properties. This utilizes sunlight not only to heat animal enclosures but also to produce sanitary hot water for human use. Additionally, solar-powered pumps can generate electricity to run irrigation pumps independently of the electrical grid or generators.

Application Scenario

1. Reduces Electricity Costs: Solar panels capture sunlight and convert it into electricity (DC power) which is fed into inverters to produce AC power for consumption, supplementing the solar system when needed.

2. Multiple Applications: Solar thermal collectors harness sunlight to generate heat. This is transferred via heat-transfer fluid to solar hot water tanks, providing hot water for heating, human use, or dissipation. Solar pumps also produce irrigation electricity.

3. Clean, Efficient Power: Solar PV generates clean, renewable energy, avoiding fossil fuel pollution. It ensures peak power needs are met and electricity supply is uninterrupted for smooth farm operations.

4. Real-Time Monitoring: Easily track AC power generation, solar system output, livestock consumption, and grid usage in real-time on mobile devices or computers.

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