Solar carport

Application Scenario

Mibet's solar carport system offers a simple, affordable solution for parking and solar power generation. The system consists of carport frames, solar modules, EV charging posts, and more. In addition to providing standard carport functions like weather protection and shade, it utilizes the unused area to generate solar energy and create PV revenue. This helps reduce electricity demand in urban areas.

Solar carport system

Product Advantages

1. Optimizes Existing Space: Solar carports are built to scale on available land without acquiring additional property. Solar cells on the canopy capture sunlight and convert it into electricity (DC power). This is transmitted via wiring to inverters, which convert DC to AC power stored in EV charging stations.

2. Provides Cooling Shade: The structures absorb heat well, keeping parked vehicles cooler than normal carports by providing more shade. This alleviates issues with dangerously hot car interiors in summer.

3. Clean, Renewable Power: The solar electricity generated can reduce energy usage and expenses for owners. Excess power can even be sold back to the grid for additional revenue.

4. Flexible, Accessible Solution: Mibet's solar carports work in all regions and site sizes with easy installation and maintenance. Standardized parking bay options can be purchased and expanded as needed. The high returns and short payback period add to the appeal.

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