Tile Roof

Tile roof solar panels house

Application Scenario

The Mibet ceramic tile photovoltaic roof system provides an affordable and convenient solar solution for tiled roofs made of ceramic, glazed tiles, or other materials. It consists mainly of tile hooks, a mounting structure, and solar modules, and is suitable for installing solar systems on tiled residential rooftops. In addition to enabling green, eco-friendly power generation, it can also prevent leaks and protect the roof.

tile roof panels and racking

Product Advantages

1. Cost-effective: Offers various material options to provide high value solar solutions for users. Can be connected to the grid to lower daily consumption costs and realize financial savings.

2. Space-saving: The PV tile system is installed on the user's existing tiled roof, utilizing the roof space for solar generation without taking up living area.

3. Wide application: Mibet designs integrated solutions tailored for different tiled roofs like glazed, ceramic, Roman, concrete, bitumen tiles, etc. Can be applied to most tile roof types.

4. Protects roof: The PV tile system can prevent leaks, combining protection and power generation. This significantly extends the roof's lifespan.

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