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Mibet Stackable cylindrical highvoltage battery pack KY-102V40AH

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  • Installed in one stack, no extra wiring.
  • Max. 5 pcs for one string, could be adjusted freely.


  • Real time monitoring for cell/voltagel/current/tem-perature,3-level fault warning and multiple protectionfor soft/hard-ware.
  • Contactor adopted internally,reliable switch;APO forover-discharging, self-loss reduced.


  • High precision components adopted for current sampling device,meanwhile soc algorithm combines Ampere hour integration,static calibration and dynamic calibration.
  • 102V Voltage output,applicable for single pack.


Battery type Li-ion Capacity 20Ah
Rated Energy 4096Wh Battery PACK Weight 30Kg
BCU Max. Voltage 600V BCU Max.Current 30A
Protection Class IP65 Altitude <2000m

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