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Mibet Hybrid Inverters REVO VM IV 8KW

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1. Easy access
Supports WIFI/Bluetooth connection and has a 5-inch LCD touch screen.
2. Battery balancing performance
Extend service life and reserve communication ports (RS-485, CAN) for BMS.
3. Flexible and compatible
The product is suitable for on-grid and off-grid applications and is compatible with mains voltage or generator power.
4. MPPT exact algorithm
Built-in 2 4000W MPPT, wide input range: 120~450 VDC.
5. Security
Multiple protections such as overload, over temperature, short circuit, low voltage, etc.
6. Support parallel connection
It can support up to 6 inverters connected in parallel.

Product Parameters:

Power 8KW
Maximum PV array open circuit voltage 120-450VDC
DC voltage 48V Maximum solar charging current 120A
Witching time <8ms Weight 20KG
Operating temperature C~50°C Size 550*685*250mm

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