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Mibet Home Energy Storage System Single Phase(Stacked) KYS3/4.2/5/6/7/8KW-(4~16)KWH-S

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  • The number of stacking strings is 1~4, which can be flexibly adjusted.
  • Stack-type installation, no external wiring.

Safe and efficient

  • IP65 protection grade, high power quality, does not interferewith electrical equipment, ultra-low radiation.
  • Maximum efficiency 97.8%, intelligent MPPT algorithm, tracking efficiency up to 99.99%.

Smart and friendly

  • Ultra-quiet design, flexible communica-tion mode.
  • Support emergency power supply, and seamless off-grid switching.


MPPT Operating Voltage Range 80-500V Nominal input Voltage 360V
Storage Capacity 4-16KWh Nominal Output Voltage 230V
Max. Efficiency >97.4% European Efficiency 97.50%
Protection Class IP65 Dimension(W*D) 425*340mm

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