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Mibet All In One Inverter With Battery Solar System APHS3K/3.6K/4K/ 4.6K/5K/6K/8K-M

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  • Max 18A PV input current,98.6% max efficiency.
  • 80-500V super wide battery voltage range.
  • Within 10ms UPS-level switching.
  • 100% full load charge and discharge.


  • 50A/60A charging and discharging current,suitable to middle voltage and high voltage batteries.
  • 200% recommended max PV power input.
  • Max 200% back-up output overloading @60s.
  • Parallel operation capacity with max 4 units.


  • Smaller cable size and conduit.
  • Longevity and almost no derating at high temperature.
  • Wifi and bluetooth connection.
  • IP66 protection degree.


Battery type Li-ion Battery voltage range 80-500V
Dimensions 740*450*178mm Weight 30Kg
Rated frequency 50/60Hz Sell material Aluminium alloy
Protection Class IP66 Max.efficiency 98.6%

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