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Balcony Solar Panel Mounting System

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Balcony Bracket Details


The MRac balcony solar mounting system is a product that is installed on balcony railings and allows for the easy construction of small home PV plants on balconies. Installation and removal are very simple and quick; the installation can be completed by 1-2 people. The system is bolted and fixed, so there is no need for welding or drilling during installation.

With a maximum tilt angle of 30°, the panels’ tilt angle can be flexibly adjusted according to the installation site to achieve the best power generation efficiency. The panel’s angle can be adjusted at any time thanks to the unique telescopic tube support leg design. Optimized structural design and material selection ensure the system’s strength and stability in a variety of climatic environments.

The solar module converts daylight and sunlight into power. As light falls on the module, electricity is fed into the house network. The inverter feeds electricity into the household electricity network via the nearest power socket. Thus, the electrical base load’s electricity costs are reduced, and a portion of the household electricity demand is saved.

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