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Mibet Hybrid Inverters REVO HES 6KW

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1. Easy access
Accessible via LCD touch screen and web.
2. Battery performance
Lithium battery BMS communication.
3. Flexible and compatible
The product is suitable for on-grid and off-grid applications and is compatible with mains voltage or generator power.
4. IP65 protection
Durable and flexible, suitable for outdoor installation.
5. Security
Logistics and electrical double isolation, ground leakage current monitoring, insulation monitoring and other safety guarantees.
6. Remote monitoring
Support remote intelligent control and monitoring of intelligent systems.

Product Parameters:

Grid voltage/range 230/176~270V MPPT voltage range 90~450V
Switching time <10ms Size 360*195*660mm
Parallel Can run 6 units in parallel Weight 22.5kg
Operating temperature -25°C~60°C,>45°CDerating Protection level IP65

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